Prospective Applicant,
The application process with Black Lion is a multi-part process, first of which is the online application. After review of your application and an initial assessment of qualifications, you will be contacted for a preliminary interview. When called in for this interview, you will need to bring copies of: valid driver license (or state ID), social security card, current/valid guard card, certified birth certificate, high school diploma, and certifications applicable to the position applied for. Following the preliminary interview, a thorough check of your background will be conducted.

Depending on the outcome of the background check, you will be called in for a secondary interview. The purpose of this interview is to determine whether or not the applicant is compatible with the long term goals of Black Lion. Following this interview, the applicant will be tested with regard to the certifications presented during the preliminary interview. For example, armed applicants will be required to successfully complete the quarterly firing course. Should the applicant complete the phase of the hiring process, a drug screen will be scheduled.

If the applicant’s drug screen proves to be negative, he/she will be called in for the final phase of the application process. The final phase of the process will consist of a meeting with the field operations coordinator and vice president of the company. The applicant will be presented with common scenarios found in the day to day operations of the security officer and be required to articulate a proper response. Following this interview, and its successful completion, the applicant will be scheduled for company orientation.

In closing, all applicants are strongly encouraged to arrive at the BLS office dressed in business attire. Your professional appearance is a determining factor in the hiring process. Finally, the overall hiring process typically takes up to one (1) to two (2) weeks depending on the applicant.

With kind regards,

BLS Administration

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